natural Language Processing& Machine Learning Simplifying  complex documents 

Braided Data Solutions™ developed an industry agnostic Machine Learning/NLP platform allowing document fingerprinting, de-duplication, PII/PHI identification/scrubbing of structured and semi/unstructured data in a multitude of forms. We have launched in the medical and legal industries. Our team has a collective of 40+ years of in-depth expertise in the consulting, healthcare, legal, document management, and software industries.

Redaction and Investigation

  • Intelligent and Simplified Redaction Dashboard
  • Cutting-Edge Search Functionality
  • Simultaneous, Multi-Document Processing
  • Categorical Text Identification
    • Preloaded PII/PHI Data Categories
    • Case-Level Custom Tagging
  • Area and Single/Multi-Page Redacting
  • Large Document/Folder Capabilities
  • Automated and Manual Data Linking
  • Exportable Category and Redacted Content Reports

Data Security

  • HIPAA Compliant Document Management
  • Encrypted Data Transfer and Storage
  • Multi-User Role Permissions
  • User Audit Logs
  • Fully Sanitized Document Production
  • Backup and Redundancy for Document Integrity

Future Functionality

  • Text Highlighting, Commenting and Labeling
  • Increased Data Linking Functionality
  • Tabular Data Recognition and Extraction
  • Reconciliation and Auditing (Fraud, Waste and Abuse)
  • Document De-Duplication
  • Automated Document Fingerprinting and Parsing
  • Integrations with more Document Storage/Management Platforms


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