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Our Critical Query (CQ) software unlocks and untangles the Epic EHR data to provide researchers, clinicians, nurses, and front line staff with the information they need to improve and accelerate outcomes.

  • Does canned reporting out of your EHR system prevent you from ACCESSING the data that you need OR in doctors notes and other typically unsearchable fields?
  • Would having patient’s vital signs, medical history, medications, lab results, imaging, diagnosis, procedures, nutritional data help you GAIN INSIGHT into your patient population?
  • Is there a need to automate the EXTRACTION of data that is currently performed manually?
  • Do you need this data quickly to impact your outcome?
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The Critical Query solution finds the data that is difficult to access or unobtainable that exists in the EHR system and returns it to the users for purpose-built reporting. Allowing the professionals that drive outcomes to have the data they need quicker and in the format they need to use it.

Our CQ application for Epic was designed to provide Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Manufacturers, and Healthcare Institutions with an advanced query solution to expedite:
  • clinical data research
  • quality assurance
  • patient identification for clinical studies
  • patient outcome tracking
  • registry reporting
  • Medical Litigation
  • Other essential reporting (e.g. COVID-19 patient analysis)

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