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The power of our Critical Investigation software allows you to untangle documents, like those in legal case discovery and put the important information at your fingertips with powerful tools built in.

  • Redact documents without the frustration of all the other inefficient tools in the market.
  • Search and Redact hundreds of documents at one time.
  • Who’s your “Cast of Characters”? Get a list of every name located in your entire document set.
  • Gain insight.  Find every document name and page number information is located on.
  • Redact and Review entire data categories with one click.
document redaction monitor search braided data
document redaction software desk braided data

Our user-friendly Critical Investigation (CI) dashboard is an advanced, categorical level investigation and redaction tool. The dashboard provides the tools you need to review and actively investigate data in your documents, create summary reports for category information and redact documents. The system is designed for simultaneous, multi-document processing that can handle large documents and folder structures used in your legal cases.

Using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, you’ll have organized categorical information based on predefined Personally Identifiable Information (PII)/Personal Health Information (PHI) groups.

Dashboard Features Include:

  • Intelligent and Simplified Redaction Platform
  • Cutting-Edge Search Functionality
  • Simultaneous, Multi-Document Access
  • Categorical Text Identification
  • Preloaded PII/PHI Data Categories
  • Area and Single/Multi-Page Redacting
  • Large Document/Folder Processing
  • Automated and Manual Data Linking
  • Exportable Category and Redacted Content Reports

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