Critical Query for Medical


Our medical querying application, Critical Query, unlocks the ability to quickly identify, analyze, and extract targeted medical characteristics (disease, drug usage, diagnosis, etc.) from electronic health records (EHR) and other data sources or indexes for patient related searches. Critical Query was designed to efficiently navigate data held within EHRs benefiting both Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers, and Healthcare Institutions. We have integrated directly with the Epic EHR system through the Epic App Orchard ecosystem to simplify and streamline access to EHR data and coupled that with the power of our ML/NLP technology. Whether you are looking for patient-specific data and trends, drug trial participants, or creating data registries for reporting or patient tracking, the power of our system can simplify these historically time and resource consuming tasks.

The majority of data extracted from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for research, QA (quality assurance) or reporting is performed manually or by custom queries which leaves much room for human error, has limited data reach, and is time-inefficient. Our Critical Query (CQ) application allows patient registry administrators to search wider populations and more efficiently extract needed data. CQ’s user-friendly design allows Healthcare sites to search more efficiently and at lower cost than the current back-end solutions. Additionally, our artificial intelligence engine is designed to pair with this tool to allow for advanced investigation and analysis of unstructured data.

Our Critical Query (CQ) tool today has been built for use with the Epic EHR system and has been designed to expedite:

  • clinical data research
  • QA (quality assurance)
  • patient identification
  • patient outcome tracking
  • registry reporting

Critical Query will allow the site to search for targeted medical characteristics such as:

  • patient’s vital signs
  • medical history
  • Medications
  • lab results
  • Imaging
  • Diagnosis
  • Procedures
  • nutritional data (food/liquids in/out per shift/day)
  • other criteria as determined by the site