A patient’s medical chart contains complex, critical information that is often buried amongst a large amount of irrelevant charting. The desired data is typically not formatted (unstructured) making it difficult to assess. Furthermore, it is extremely time-consuming for healthcare workers, researchers, and other investigators to extract and otherwise analyze key clinical knowledge that is located in the chart.

Our Critical Query AI application was designed to assist clinicians and medical researchers with identifying and extracting specific medical information from EHRs, in a more timely and cost-efficient manner. Our core technology is used to recognize and create order out of the chaos of medical terminology, data, and jargon. CQ gives medical professionals the ability to find and organize the information they are looking for in the chart, all in real-time. This approach allows for highly trained professionals to focus on other tasks instead of chart investigation and data reporting.

An estimated 2,314 exabytes of healthcare data will have been produced by the end of 2020. This represents a 48% annual increase.